Intelligent Home Integration

We are providers of bespoke, Smart Home system design and installation systems for your home or property.

Smart Home Systems Guernsey & Jersey

A ‘Smart Home’ is a term commonly used to describe a property with devices that can communicate with one another, and be controlled remotely from any room or from any location in the world by phone, or via the internet.

This can cover automation of lights, heating, air conditioning, televisions, computers, appliances, entertainment systems and security systems.

Smart Home Systems Save You Money!

The installation of Smart products offer the home and its occupants convenience, in addition to saving time, energy… and money, and they work regardless of whether anyone is at home or not.

Pulse Group are fully experienced and qualified to design and install a bespoke and personalised Smart Home automation system in your property.

We design, supply and install everything from simple one room home automation to an advanced system across your whole property, for ‘intelligent’ control over TV, audio, lights, blinds, curtains etc.

Conventional thoughts of a Smart Home is of fancy LCD screen light switches and controllers, which can be complicated to use. Imagine friends or family visiting; you don’t want to have to teach people how to turn lights on and off! An ‘intelligent’ home is just as it sounds, a home that ‘thinks’ and will effectively look after itself.

Smart Home systems are simple to use, and work away in the background to make your life simpler, easier, more economical and more comfortable.

Loxone Silver Partners

Loxone Smart Home systems Guernsey & Jersey

   We are Loxone Silver Partners.

   Loxone services offered: Design, supply, install and commission of complete Smart Home Systems.

We can also design, supply and commission just the panels for other third party contractors.

From lighting automation to being able to close the blinds at a touch of a button, we can offer you a comprehensive Smart Home package. Call us today to learn more.

Pulse Mechanical Electrical is a Loxone Smart Home Silver Partner.